Welcome to A.N.R. Public School Hajipur kako Road, Jehanabad, Bihar Admission open for session 2023-2024

About us

The A.N.R Public School, Hajipur, Jehanabad was establised on November 2014. This school is run by a group of highly qualified professional, who are founder of spreading education in the way child’s moral, mental, physical and social development.This school embodies some of the good features of public school with emphasis of indian culture and values without raising the cost of education. The school has vast play areas developed to national standards with special facilities for cricket, football, basketball, tennis, badminton etc. special coaches train the students in these sports. The school takes pride in its greenery in and around the school. The lush green lawns, seasonal colorful flowers which are a treat for the eyes make the atmosphere very congenial for study A.N.R. Public school belives that children need love, trust and faith to blossom into responsible and mature individuals. The school provides a congenial atmosphere to nature the young minds to deram big, aspire, explore and achive the impossible, The school also
provides wonderful opportunities for the students to develop their intersts in public speaking quizzing, environment awarensess & conservation, Dance, Music, Art, Taekwondo etc. The aim is to
see each student of A.N.R Public School develop their own potenital, to contribute to the welfare of mankind.

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