Welcome to A.N.R. Public School Hajipur kako Road, Jehanabad, Bihar Admission open for session 2023-2024



Courses and Curriculum

The school prepares the students for CBSE examination with the aid of comprehensive teaching technique. The academic year is divided tito two terms. Its term starts form 1st April and end with Summative Assessments 1 in September. ll terms begins from 1st Oct to 3oth March and ends with summative ll examinations, Teachers continuously monitor students progress through Formative Assessments which are conducted in each quarter of the year.

Pre-Primary Wing

Play school is all set to mould your child by diagnosing their hidden talent in the right direction to be strong stepping stone for the bright and brilliant superstructure. It is an established fact that maximum learning happens during early years (up to 5 yrs age) of child’s life. This is very crucial phase to nurture the child in such a way that they may be ready to excel in future, classes pre nursery to upper KG lies within this wing of school Entering age may be 2 yrs plus, We adopt indirect and interesting way be 2 yrs plus, we adopt indirect and interesting way of teaching through playing. We want to promote hidden way of learning as per the suit of the child.

They are taught counting, reading, writing, speech development and introduction to nature and surrounding. Instructive games, drawing, storytelling and reaction are also included, in addition simple etiquette and manners along with Conversation skill is taught.

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